Sad, I really hoped I would be admitted, but I wasn’t. I made a nice portfolio, but when over 50 people turn up even on the second admission day, you know your chances are getting slimmer. Especially when you look at the drawings and designs other people have already made. Actually it’s unfair, because they can already draw and paint. They should leave room for people who actually still need to learn something, which is what a school is for.

Now I’m a little frustrated, but spending some time on my stuff (like drawings and doing an assignment) was very nice and it sparked my imagination quite a bit. I have really no idea how the next year is going to look now that I’m not going to go to art school, maybe I should have kids. Finally I would have all the direction and confirmation in my life that I keep begging for, and no time left to worry!

The good thing is that after a little suggestion to not forget about me, the Rowan-secretary sent me the newest issue of Rowan Magazine.

2 Responses to “Fok”

  1. nmind says:

    Hello 🙂

    And do you have your portfolio or it’s parts in the internet?

  2. nel says:

    Met kinderen heb je wel reden tot zorg èn geen tijd voor die zorgen. Da’s pas lastig!