Bank holidays


We have a lot of bank holidays, I recently realised. It’s weird to me to get a day off in honour of some religious happening that may or may not have actually happened and that none of the people I know really cares about. I gladly join the party, though, when we celebrate the fact that we live in a country that’s more or less ‘free’. But that’s only a bank holiday once every five years. Weird priorities? Yes. Is it important enough to change? Not really. Am I bummed out by that? No, not at all, this was just a little observation of mine that I wanted to hurl into cyberspace, along with a semi-appropriate picture I took recently that’s also pretty by itself.

2 Responses to “Bank holidays”

  1. Simon says:

    Days off for some religious reason always surprise me too. Never read the Bible, never feel like I should, but still I get those days.
    And in Amsterdam you hardly notice them anyway, because the main supplier of everything we need (AH) is always open.

    Speaking of Bank Holidays, did you know they’re called that way because originally the Bank of England didn’t do business during religious celebrations?
    I like the fact that those days, even though they celebrate something religious, are called after something so secular.

  2. bloemenjansje says:

    Good point.

    I always suspected the reason was something like that, now I know for sure 🙂