Hard labour

While my new website is taking shape, I was forced to start organising and categorising my rather eclectic (and small, I must add) body of work. A nasty job, and it made the work I have look totally random and thrown together. Eye-opening, but harsh. So I started working on a booklet with photographs that have some common theme or line, and it went a lot better than the digital curating, allowing some new website ideas to come to life as well.

The booklet is finished, ordered and should arrive this week, and then it’s time to show it to others. My classmates will probably suit that purpose very well, and if anything it will be a nice exercise in articulating criticism for them. For now, here’s a sneak preview of the booklet.


2 Responses to “Hard labour”

  1. Simon says:

    Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe site… wel jammer van de naam ‘Nog even nadenken’.

  2. bloemenjansje says:

    Misschien hou ik dit blog ook wel gewoon, dan hoeft de naam niet verloren te gaan. Die nieuwe site wordt echt een SITE, met WERK in plaats van geklets. Site bestaat al, maar hij verandert nog de hele tijd. http://bloemenjansje.com/works (wordt waarschijnlijk ook nog een ‘zelfstandige’ URL)