Almost done

I’m tempted to say ‘Oh my god’ because my cardigan is really starting to come together now and I’m so proud of it, but I kind of hate that phrase so I won’t say it. I took some pictures, but I don’t want to give away how it looks completely before it’s all done. So this one only gives a little preview. Sleeve being worn

I had a great day yesterday. I met some people from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy and also from good old Holland. I met them through a Swedish girl I met at school last week, Lina, and we had a real good time at the Jordaanfestival, singing along with hits like ‘Oh Johnny’ and ‘Geef mij maar Amsterdam’. After that we moved to the park to have what probably was the last picknick of the year. It was wonderful. And this very same weekend I was able wear my cardigan without pins for the first time! There’s no way anyone could ruin my weekend now. Even though I’ve lots of stuff to do, including memorizing stupid Russian paradigms, I feel like a million euros.

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  1. nel says:

    What happened to the dutch translation?