blue and green squares

The progress of embroidering

I have a new hobby, I think I can say that after spending the entire day on embroidering the tiniest little shitty bit on a chair yesterday. If it wasn’t supposed to be my new hobby I would’ve quit after half an hour probably.

floss on chair

It turns out that embroidering is cool, omnipotent and infinitely expandable. The downside is it’s habit to eat more time than you’re willing to feed it. Because it seems like you can get results very fast you don’t want to quit when no result has been achieved yet, and results actually take a LOT of time. Not as much as with knitting but at least with knitting you’re prepared for it. I made this design on a chair with a great tweedy texture that screamed for decoration, even though the chair was very pretty in it’s own right. This is the chair.

chair being embellished

Hmm, I didn’t notice the yellow stain near the head area yet, the ultra flash on my camera must have detected them. Well, it’s a second hand chair, and sometimes they come with stains that you see when you take a picture of them with flash, so be it.

6 Responses to “blue and green squares”

  1. Frouke says:

    Hier zit geld in. Lap ouwe stoelen op deze wijze op, meet jezelf een interessante naam en strakke website aan, en je zult zulke uniek meubels voor grof geld kunnen verkopen aan mensen met moeilijke brillen en scheve design-kragen!

  2. ikbenwouter says:

    Ik wil ook een moeilijke bril!

  3. ikbenwouter says:

    Ik heb wel een intelligente bril, telt dat ook?

  4. nel says:


  5. ikbenwouter says:

    Of koop een camera zonder flits!

  6. anne says:

    These squares are wonderful! Are you taking it further? I’d like to see the chair covered, but then I also want it to just be those squares and nothing else. Maybe the stain is just a shadow?