Thermal, wearing it right now.

I finished my first real project of 2008 (apart from the Norwegian Stockings which turned out too precious to wear), a sweater called Thermal, by Laura Chau.

Thermal, check

This baby has been on the needles since our great escape through India, China, Mongolia and Russia. I ran out of projects in the second month already, having been much more prolific than expected, and so I needed a new project and, more important: new yarn. This yarn I found in Tunxi, China, the nearest town to Huang Shan, a very beautiful but touristic mountain range we climbed. This town had a yarn shop, to my delight, and without me speaking much Mandarin, and the shopkeeper any English, we figured out how much of a certain yarn I needed to make a sweater. I had Thermal in mind, but I hade no clue of the needle size or gauge I was going to need. I decided the needle size through educated guessing (“okay, if the yarn is this thin, I probably need these ultra-skinny needles over here”), and, praise me for my carpenter’s eyes, the gauge came together impeccably for the pattern.

Thermal, check

I cast on in the train from Tunxi to Nanjing and already I felt that this would be something I would tell my hypothetical grandchildren about when I would be giving them the sweater. The Chinese women in the train came over to show me how to knit correctly, meanwhile knitting way to tight for my project so that I would smile while they showed me, and, as soon as they left, I would rip the part they had done. Then I would start from where I had left before they started to lovingly correct me.

Thermal, checkI loved knitting this pattern even though it was so painstakingly slow. The best part about it is that it took hardly any seaming. The bodice is knitted in the round, so no seaming there, and so are the sleeves. I had forgotten that setting in sleeves was this simple, so I went from worryingly starting the setting in to being overjoyed with my new sweater, in a matter of minutes.

That’s why I’m happy today. I also bought beautiful fabric a couple of days ago but this deserves it’s own post. So here is one more picture of my latest FO with my smiling face complementing it.

Thermal, check

2 Responses to “Thermal, wearing it right now.”

  1. Nieske says:

    Wauw, mooi!

  2. Wouter says:

    Mooi geworden! Ziet er bijna professioneel uit. Laat dat Chinese vrouwtje het maar niet horen 😉