White roses and black lace

The roses I got on a goodbye-dinner with my soon to be former colleagues, I also got a fat gift certificate for one of the best yarn shops in The Netherlands, ribbels in Leiden, and with that my colleagues of course made me very happy. I also got to chat a little with some Russian attendees of the course I organized that week and for which the dinner was also the closing night. One of the attendees had brought her husband who didn’t speak anything but Russian and he was overjoyed when I sat down next to him greeting him in his native language, “Здравствуйте.” Like most Russians I met he suddenly opened up, started smiling and he was friendly like we had know each other for a long time.

When I got home somewhere around midnight our neighbour was having a party which she invited us for. And to make a long story short (because telling about parties never does justice to being at parties) we hit the sack at 5 o’clock. So all in all I had a pretty good night.

Black Lace IThe black lace is my latest KIP (knit in progress). I was pretty scared that the yarn would be impossible to work with, because it is so ridiculously thin and hairy, and that the result would be scratchy and totally irregular and puckery, just plain ugly. Or that I would have too little of an attention span to even complete one correct row of the very difficult pattern. But the yarn and I surprised myself greatly and in a positive way. I can work a row correctly, sure I make mistakes but those can be corrected, not like I was expecting after reading reviews of the yarn that said that the yarn is the most unforgiving you can find. And the resulting fabric isn’t scratchy AT ALL, in fact it is so soft I am fondling it more than I am actually knitting it.

I hope you understand that I want to continue knitting, it is a great joy and I would be crazy to withhold it from myself. I am not a masochist. So here’s one more picture and that’s it.

Black Lace II

2 Responses to “White roses and black lace”

  1. Cas says:

    Dat een draadje wol zoveel talent en creativiteit teweeg kan brengen is bewonderenswaardig Janneke. Leuk om af en toe even hier te neuzen! Alles goed met je verder? Lang geleden alweer.. Groetjes

  2. […] these last months? If I think really really hard I can remember you working on something of a black lace shawl, but I haven’t heard about that one in ages, and I never got to see a ‘Finished’ […]