So I’m а little unemployed… So I have no real clue what the year is going to look like, and how I’m going to manage being accepted into art school next time. I don’t feel bad at all.

The job ended with a bang, the busiest week since I started working there. We had Russian Couchsurfers over at the same time, and the weekend was a camping party with games (which my team won). I had no problem with being so busy, all my activities were worthwhile and the Russians became friends overnight*. To top it all this weekend turned into a warm and sunny one, and I had some time left to knit on our rooftop terras while the sun went to fulfill it’s duties on the other hemisphere slowly, leaving twilight and heat, my favourite when I’m knitting and looking out over the roofs of downtown Haarlem.

Muir at dusk

*Спасибо Ира и Андрей! Было так приятно вас хостить. Вы нормальные ребята 😉 , можно это так сказать? Я надеюсь что мы скоро поедем в Питер!

3 Responses to “деловой”

  1. nmind says:

    Hello Jannake. I want to thank you for waffles account. I was dreaming about it for a long time! But the problem is that nobody is downloading from me, but I will handle it 🙂

    And I wanted to ask you to take me with you to the St. Petersburg. Course I want to see this city in adult age for one more time. So, if you will have this ability – please let me know about your trip to SPB.

    Thanks! 🙂


  2. nel says:

    Unemployed: WW?

  3. Hi Janneke!
    Нам у вас очень понравилось =) А твой русский на самом деле очень хорош!