results are in

There’s still lots more to chew on from the past weeks, but in the spirit of the zap-generation (which I am clearly a part of because when I zap/change channel to skip the commercial break and tune in to something else to fill the gap I can’t remember what show I was watching) I am breaking my posts down into smaller chunks with a higher information density. This way I hope to attract more readers who, like me, have only a very short attention span and need a picture every so many sentences, and can’t be bothered to stay on a blog for longer than, say five minutes.

Actually I would really be glad if people who find my site would stay on here for five full minutes. That’s like… for ever. Like.

So let’s get to the chunks. Here’s one:

Knitting needle holder

The conclusion of my sew-inn I talked about a while ago and was pretty determined to drip-feed you the pictures of, but in came the zap part of my mind, Knitting needle holderand out went the plan. Do you still remember what I’m talking about or have you already clicked the link to freshen up? Anyway, I was very happy with the result, and so are my knitting needles (I love to anthropomorphise them, can you imagine the knobs at the top being their little heads, the 8mm needles being the town elders and the skinny dpns being the naughty quadruplets always up to no good? This is how I used to play with my mother’s button collection… How convenient a child I must have been.) It has become a knitting needle holder, to be rolled up when not in use.

Knitting needle holder

Knitting needle holder

Always room for pictures in our working memory, so here’s the last one.

Knitting needle holder

And now, as a reward for your focus and discipline reading all the way to here, some new information! I officially became a Bachelor of Arts last week. I did my last exams in January, but I received the paper last Thursday. I got a nice little personal speech from the teacher who helped with my thesis, and I never expected this. It made the ceremony cooler than when I graduated from high school, when all the people who had taught me for six years could say was ‘I think you had a little trouble fitting in in the beginning.’

Am glad I had no trouble fitting in in the end.

Love Bloemenjansje B.A.

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