This week’s harvest

This week I got me:

-a job as a translator with a couple of slashes*

(and to my delight I was thrown into the deep end right away, so that now I feel like I learned how to swim and more in just three days!)

-at least one reader of this blog

-raw materials bought from the remainder of the gift certificate I got from my last job.

I’m having trouble deciding which one is the best, but because only the raw materials are photogenic, they are most suitable for featuring in this post.

Silk Garden, shade 265

This weekend will mean the end of the ‘Era of the leaking roof and the white ceiling turning brown’, if all goes well.

*meaning this: translator/…/…

2 Responses to “This week’s harvest”

  1. At least one reader of this blog has finished reading all of the back issues in the mean time… Any chance you’re going to update more regularly? Write about anything!

  2. Jonnielama says:

    Two…. atleast two readers! I love reading nice Blogs and yes, yours to! Keep up the good work, greetings, Jon. (Ravelry)