Someone asks me, am I still knitting. I can imagine this must be hard to believe when it’s been ages since my last knitting-in-progress update.

But boy am I still knitting! And does thinking about knitting also weigh in a little? Because then I’m absolutely knitting a lot.


And the subject is Salina, a tweed sweater with lapel-neck proclaimed Vintage by the book it’s from. This is the link for Ravelryasters among us, don’t worry if you’re bounced like someone wearing sneakers to a fancy Miami club. Ravelry is for members only.

This picture is not recent, but I guess it’ll have to do. I’m already doing the last sleeve (body worked in the round), so this weekend will mean a new sweater for me!

I’m also working on some entrelac (link will come later, entrelac needs a little explanation) which will become a sleeve for my laptop I never take anywhere. So the sleeve will pretty much be redundant most of the time. But my optimistic theory is that because I will have protection I will more often take my lappy into the open. She got scratched last time I tried it, so it will be a process of emotional healing before anything else.

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