About me and about this site

What’s this blog for? Who’s gonna read it and why would they be interested? I have no idea, it’s mainly for indulging my desire to make stuff, or be creative. Since I’m not pursuing this desire at all in my choice of study, I’m majoring in Dutch linguistics, or my job, it has to roam free somewhere, or else I would get unhappy at some point.

So here I write, I show pictures taken by me, show drawings made by me, show a site made by me and report on knitting (and other crafts) done by me. And in the process I hope to meet some interesting people this way too, you can never have too many of those, eh?

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EDITED November 3rd 2009:

If this blog had a focus, it has definitely shifted or even got lost after two years of blogging. Knitting is down on the list of interesting things to make room for casual and moderately experimental photography. Meanwhile I am in art school, but am unsure how to report on that, and am wondering if I should make a new area for art school related pictures and stories to be looked at and read. If I were to make such a new area, I would want it to look smooth and definitely not corny, but that’s hard when you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it.