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Friday, March 12th, 2010
Salt of the earth

Salt of the earth



Never am I really up to date with what I made during the day when I post here. It’s mostly stuff of the weeks before, not stuff I made that very day. Today is no exception. I think it’s because when I make something, I am in ‘creating mode’, and blogging about what I make feels like ‘observation mode’.  Apparently they exclude each other within the limits of at least one day.

Drawing naked people: I love it. I thought it would be an awkward peeping sensation, but instead there is no feeling whatsoever that anyone in the room is embarrassed. At all. It feels very clinical, and I think that’s good. It means that we are all focused on just looking and conveying what we see onto whatever it is we are drawing on.

Pink Orange Lady

Pink Orange Lady

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Photo series – ‘pretty kitchen’

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Can’t see it? Click here

Holga photographs on Fuji Provia 400 ASA medium format film. Watch in full size (click button ‘FS’ in right bottom corner)!

This series is about the things in my kitchen I usually hate: all the clutter, the heater pipes that are visible everywhere, the disorganised cabinets, the leaking roof that’s causing brown stains everywhere on the ceiling. I wanted to see the plus sides to these things (to ‘love’ my kitchen more if you will). I think these photos show off the beauty of my leaking, stained, cluttered kitchen pretty well.


Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Promise makes perfect. I got some positive feedback on the second series I did for photography class, and I said that if that happened, I might share the series with you here.

It was a series of Holga shots, and I’m still quite proud of them. Now the teacher wants me to do more like them, and of course that raises the pressure immensely. Will I be able to make a bunch of pictures like this again and make them look effortless instead of cramped like some of the series I took to class the last few weeks?

Anyway, the theme of this gallery is the city, and patches of nature in the city that make cities such beautiful places.

(Best viewed fullscreen, because resizing does these pictures no good)

(Can’t  see it? Click here)


Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Stranger things have happened, but still I’m quite surprised: because of yesterday’s post I convinced myself to show some real art school makings! These are two prints of the same etching, in two different stages. The first one is after etching only the lines, and so the print is called a line etching. The second one is a print after I processed the zinc plate in such a way that some areas are corroded in lighter or darker shades. This technique is called aquatint. Yesterday was the first time I did this. It turned out OK, I think.


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I did more etchings last week and yesterday, I’m spending quite some time in the graphics workshop these days. Tomorrow I’m getting feedback on photographs again. Last week I got some nice comments so this week I invested some money in nicer, bigger prints to show my dedication to photography. I printed 7 Holga shots, and they are so pretty and square and saturated! If the feedback is nice again, maybe I’ll share them with you.