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Photo series – ‘pretty kitchen’

Friday, January 8th, 2010

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Holga photographs on Fuji Provia 400 ASA medium format film. Watch in full size (click button ‘FS’ in right bottom corner)!

This series is about the things in my kitchen I usually hate: all the clutter, the heater pipes that are visible everywhere, the disorganised cabinets, the leaking roof that’s causing brown stains everywhere on the ceiling. I wanted to see the plus sides to these things (to ‘love’ my kitchen more if you will). I think these photos show off the beauty of my leaking, stained, cluttered kitchen pretty well.


Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Where I started coming regularly when I went to high school, and where I moved when I started college in Amsterdam. Practical? No. Nice? Yes.

Remember: For full screen click FS in the bottom right corner, and for titles and descriptions click the hardly visible letter i in the top right corner. (Full screen is obviously much prettier than small size and loading takes the same amount of time. Bloemenjansje says: that’s easy!)

(Can’t see it? Click here for roughly the same collection of pictures of Haarlem on Flickr)